How To Avoid Scams While Purchasing CBD Oil

How To Avoid Scams While Purchasing CBD Oil

As more consumers and healthcare professionals across the globe discover CBD Oil's promise as a weight loss agent, the array of products containing CBD continues to grow. But along with this impressive growth comes an increase in scams. Consequences of falling prey to one of these scams range from wasted money on fake products to consumption of CBD products that contain pesticides or other harmful agents. Below is a look at the top CBD Oil scams and some steps you can take to avoid them.

What role does CBD Oil play in weight loss?

Early studies exploring the effect of CBD on weight loss point to multiple ways that CBD can positively impact a person's weight loss journey. Researchers have found that there are CBD may promote weight loss in three key ways:

  • Reduce appetite: CBD may prompt molecules to block CB1 receptors, thereby suppressing appetite and preventing overeating in people.
  • Stimulate fat burning: CBD may convert white fat cells to brown fat cells, which is a more active form of fat that burns calories.
  • Decrease the risk of metabolic disorders: CBD has been shown to decrease blood sugar levels and reduce cholesterol in laboratory studies.

Given these findings, it is no surprise that CBD Oil continues to gain traction as a weight loss agent. In fact, advertisers are increasingly zeroing in on CBD Oil's weight loss capabilities and tailoring their marketing campaigns to motivate obese consumers to invest in their products.

What are the top CBD Oil scams today?

While the growth in CBD Oil as a weight loss agent has been impressive, it has also made the industry more susceptible to scams. Along with the increase in safe, effective products, the number of "fake" products and deceptive marketing tactics are on the rise.

Here are some of the top scams affecting the CBD Oil industry:

1) Selling hemp seed oil products instead of hemp oil products

Consumers who have never purchased CBD Oil products are particularly likely to fall for this marketing scam. In this case, the vendor knowingly promotes hemp seed oil products instead of hemp oil (CBD) products. The two products are quite different, with hemp seed oil products being far less costly and less potent due to the absence of CBD.

2) The "Free Trial Bottle" Scam

Unsuspecting consumers across the globe who are eager to try CBD Oil are falling prey to the "Free Trial Bottle" scam. They happily respond to an advertisement for a "Free" bottle of CBD Oil and are then asked for a small amount of money to cover shipping and handling charges. Unfortunately, the money is pocketed by the scammers and the customer either receives a bogus product or no product at all.

3) Promoting products that are entirely formulated with fillers

This scam tends to affect buyers who purchase a product without first reading the label. Unsuspecting buyers think they are purchasing a product that contains a potent amount of CBD. In reality, they end up with a product that either contains too little CBD to be effective or with a product that is comprised nearly entirely of filler material. In either case, the result is frustrating.

4) Prices that are too good to be true

The CBD Oil industry shares a key commonality with virtually every other industry: If a price seems too good to be true, you should probably avoid a purchase. Unfortunately, there are so many budget-conscious consumers who are eager to try CBD Oil that some are willing to believe that they will actually receive an effective product. In most cases, they end up with a product that is not genuine or one that has a low concentration of CBD.

How can you avoid becoming a victim of a CBD Oil scam?

The good news is that avoiding CBD Oil scams is a relatively straightforward process. By carefully evaluating suppliers and products and proceeding cautiously with your first order, you can protect your health and your wallet. Here are some steps you can take to avoid falling prey to one of the scams outlined above:

1) Research a manufacturer before buying

The path to a scam-free, satisfactory CBD oil purchase begins with a reputable manufacturer. Before you move forward with a purchase, do your homework by checking the company's number of years in business, their online reviews, and testimonials from consumers and industry professionals. In general, companies that have been in business for several years and have racked up extensive positive online reviews are the safest bets.

2) Carefully read the product label

Reading the product label allows you to make sure that you are not comparing apples to oranges as you evaluate CBD oil products. The label should clearly state the THC content and percentage of CBD in the product. The label should also list any additives used to formulate the product. Be sure not to ignore the fine print.

3) Request a copy of a third-party lab report

Reputable CBD oil companies value the product testing process. In addition to conducting their own testing, they will have their CBD oil products tested by an independent third party. This process helps guarantee that the products do not simply contain fillers and do not include hemp that contains more than 0.3% THC.

4) Never send cash payments to an unknown seller

Some fly-by-night sellers are successful in convincing customers to pay in advance for "products" via bank wire transfer or cashier's check. They then ship capsules containing fillers or simply take the money and run, leaving buyers without any recourse. You can help avoid this pitfall by following the three tips above and then paying with your credit card. If the seller fails to deliver, or if the seller does not deliver the promised product, you can try to dispute the charges.

What is the single best way to ensure that you purchase high-quality CBD Oil?

The simplest way to ensure that you receive safe, high-quality CBD oil products is to seek the guidance of a trusted healthcare provider that specializes in weight loss. An experienced healthcare professional will review your health history in conjunction with your weight loss goals and suggest a reputable CBD Oil product that is both safe and effective.